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SAD in May — Day Eleven

May 15, 2014

so far behind…

Prompt: write a story filled with action


By Lori Carlson

“Hey SusieQ! Wanna go for a ride?” Toby pulled the car up slowly along the curb where she was walking, and came to a full stop when she turned her head toward him.

“Toby, where’d you get that car? It ain’t yours,” Susie said, standing inches from the car with her books hugged tightly against her chest.

Toby jumped out of the convertible and walked around it. As he stood next to Susie, he said proudly, “It’s my uncle’s car. He said I could borrow it for a few hours.”

Susie walked around the car as she trailed the exterior with one hand. “It sure is purdy,” she said. She stopped at the driver’s side and slid her hand up and down the leather seat.

“So what ya think? Wanna go for a ride?” Toby asked, joining Susie at the driver’s door.

Susie tossed her books in the back seat and ran around to the passenger side, sliding into the leather seat with a soft sigh. “Sure thing, Toby, as long as you drive fast!”

Laughing, Toby got into the convertible and started the engine. “She purrs like a kitten! As soon as we hit I-64, we will let her roar!”

Sure to his word, as soon as they hit the interstate outside of Lexington, he put the car in full gear and headed down 64 at 80 mph. Susie let her long blond hair loose and held her hands up in the air, laughing and shouting. Seeing Susie so free and wild excited Toby and he hit the pedal even harder, soaring down the road at 90 mph. They flew right past Clifton Forge and Covington without a cop in sight. This further excited Toby as he continued on until he reached the West Virginia state line. Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, the sign read, and Toby was definitely in the mood for some of that. They were nearing White Sulphur Springs and Toby began slowing down some. He had plans for that town.

“Why ya slowin’ down?” Susie asked, sitting back in the seat, pouting.

“I need to stop in White Sulphur. Won’t take but a minute,” he said, pulling off of the ramp.

Toby drove about four blocks into the town to Main Street and stopped in front of the First Citizens Bank. He hopped out, winked at Susie and then strolled casually into the bank. Susie smoothed her hair down as best she could while she waited. Five minutes later, Toby came running out of the bank and jumped into the car, tossing a bag at Susie. He gunned the engine and hit the gears, flying down the road at 50 mph.

“Hang on SusieQ! This is going to be one hellava ride!”

Susie opened the bag. Inside were hundreds, fifties and twenty dollar bills. She let out a scream. “Toby! You robbed the bank?”

Toby laughed. “I sure did sweets! Now we will really have some fun.”

Instead of heading back to the interstate, Toby began driving on the back roads. He hadn’t gotten far when he heard sirens behind him. He laughed louder and glanced over at Susie who was looking behind her at the cops gaining on them. Toby hit the pedal and flew down the road going nearly 70 mph, leaving the cops further behind them. When they came upon a curve in the road, Toby spun off on a dirt road. The cops were still following him, but he had plans.

“Toby, I think we should stop. This is a bit crazier than I planned for,” Susie begged.

“I promised you a wild ride, and I aim to give it to you, Miss SusieQ! Hang on, here’s where it ends.”

Toby slowed down abruptly in front of a farm house and pulled slowly into the barn, until darkness surrounded them and the car. They sat there listening to the sirens coming. Susie held her breath. It wouldn’t take much for the cops to find them now. The sirens came closer and closer. Toby let out a chuckle as he watched Susie fidget in the seat beside him. And then the sirens were upon them, right outside the drive way. Susie closed her eyes and squeezed the door of the convertible so tightly her knuckles were white. And finally the sirens passed them, the sound getting fainter. Susie exhaled quickly, her heart pounded and beads of sweat dotted her forehead.

Susie punched Toby in the arm as hard as she could. “That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen! We could have both been arrested! Now what do we do? The cops know this car!”

Toby just grinned as he rubbed his arm. He looked over at black Ford F-150 parked beside them. “Time for a new ride, SusieQ. Get your books, sweets!” he said, getting out of the convertible. He walked around to the truck and tried the driver’s door. It was unlocked. He stepped inside and pulled down the visor. Keys fell into his lap.

“Hurry up, SusieQ!” he said as he started the truck and revved the engine.

Susie, still holding the bag of cash in one hand, grabbed her books and ran to the passenger side of the truck, climbing up into the cab. She threw the money bag at Toby. “Here, take your filthy money. I don’t even want to see it.”

Toby laughed. “You’ll be singing a different tune later.” He had plans.

They left the barn and turned on the back road towards White Sulphur Springs. This time, Toby drove at normal speed limits as he reached I-64 again heading back towards Virginia. He turned on the radio to a country station and started singing a song out of tune, nudging Susie in the shoulder until she started singing with him. When they came to the sign for Douthat State Park, Toby got off of the interstate. He pulled into the Exxon station, filled the truck up with gas, bought some snacks and then headed down the road to the 220 ramp toward Roanoke.

“Where are we going, Toby?” Susie asked as they drove past Iron Gate and hit the open highway.

“We are going to Texas, sweets!”

Susie turned sideways in her seat. Slapping Toby on the arm, she said, “No way! Why Texas?”

“I got plans girly. We won’t be staying in Texas long.”

They drove down 220 until they came to 581. Toby took the interstate and continued driving until they hit the Hershberger Road exit. Within minutes they were at the airport. Toby parked the truck with a lot of other vehicles so not to draw attention right away. He stuffed the money from the bag into his pockets and then got out, walked around to Susie’s door and opened it for her. As they walked past a blue Toyota pick-up, Toby tossed the bank bag into its bed.

“Time to fly, SusieQ!” he said, running toward the entrance to the airport, dragging Susie along with him.

Once inside, Susie found a trash can and dumped her books inside; no since carrying school books all the way to Texas. Toby bought their tickets. They had a two hour wait. Susie sat biting her nails. Every time a guard or cop walked by, she tensed up and looked at Toby. He didn’t seem to be the slightest bit phased by anything going on. He was slumped down in his seat, his black baseball cap pulled down over his eyes, with one leg crossed over the other and appeared to be sleeping. But he wasn’t sleeping; he was planning.

Their flight was finally called and Toby grinned at Susie as they ran toward the terminal. They handed their tickets to the attendant and boarded the plane. As they sat down, Susie bounced up and down in her seat. They had made it. They had really made it. And then there was a flight delay. The FBI was boarding the plane. Susie and Toby both held their breath as the two agents walked up and down the plane looking at every passenger. When the agents got to them, Toby smiled and Susie nodded at them. Was this the end? Susie thought. And then the agents walked on past them. They signaled to the flight attendant and left the plane.

As the plane careened down the runway, Toby sat back in his seat. He reached out and took Susie’s hand and gave her a reassuring smile. It would take nearly three hours to get to Dallas. He could finally relax and get a bit of sleep. Susie watched Toby lean back in his seat, resting. She was still too nervous to rest. What if the cops were waiting for them when they landed in Dallas? Would they believe her when she told them she knew nothing of Toby’s plans? Her thoughts ran rapid for a good hour until she finally got sleepy enough and joined Toby for a nap.

When the plane landed in Dallas, Toby and Susie made sure they got off the plane with the rest of the crowd so not to draw attention to themselves. There were guards and cops all over the place, but none of them seemed interested in Toby and Susie. Susie sat down at one of the waiting areas and Toby went to the ticket area. He picked up the tickets to the next leg of their journey and went back to sit with Susie.

“We have an hour wait,” he said to her, handing her a ticket.

Susie looked at the ticket and opened her mouth to speak, then closed it. She was about to scream and knew that would draw unwanted attention to them. She poked Toby on the arm and when he turned to look at her, her eyes got huge. “Acapulco?” she whispered.

“Only the best for my SusieQ,” he said quietly.

The hour wait stretched on endlessly. Cops continued to walk back and forth along the waiting area making Susie extremely nervous. She kept her head low and didn’t look at anyone except Toby from time to time. Toby didn’t seem to be bothered this time either. He sat there people-watching and humming a country tune to himself. When the attendant finally called their flight, Susie was more than eager to get aboard the plane and leave the States behind. She followed Toby to the terminal and smiled as the attendant took her ticket. Within minutes, she was sitting comfortably aboard the Delta. This time there was no delays. Susie wanted to be hopeful that they were getting away with everything, but her fears wouldn’t let her. She sat on the plane, one hand clutching the arm of her seat and the other holding Toby’s hand as tightly as she could.

“Don’t worry. We are almost at the end,” he said, lifting her hand to his lips and giving it a kiss.

Reassured, Susie finally settled down and fell asleep. Toby stayed awake and watched a movie. Before long, the plane was touching down in Acapulco. He nudged Susie and she shifted in her seat. She felt the jolt of the plane as it landed.

“We are here, SusieQ!”

They got off of the plane and made their way into the airport. There were even more cops running around this place and Susie shot Toby a worried look. He only nodded and kept moving toward the front of the airport. Once outside, Toby looked up and down the driveway. Finally, he spotted someone yelling his name.

“Come on, sweets!” he said, pulling Susie along side of him.

When they got to the man that had been yelling at them, Toby released Susie’s hand and hugged the man. “Susie, I want you to meet my Uncle Tommy. Tommy, this is my girl, Susie Quinn.” Susie shook the man’s hand and then looked at Toby. She was confused.

“I am glad to see that everything went as planned. By the time the figure out what happened, we will be deep in the jungles of Brazil,” Tommy said.

“I don’t understand,” Susie said.

Toby smiled and exclaimed, “The car and truck belong to Uncle Tommy. So there is no one to report either vehicle missing. Your folks will probably report you missing tonight or tomorrow. They will connect you to me, but will the West Virginia police connect us to the robbery right away? Only if they got close enough to get a license read. And then, they will try to contact Uncle Tommy, who is here…”

“Stop stop!” Susie said, her mind spinning. “Are we safe? That is all I want to know.”

“We should be. If not, it will just be another joyride, SusieQ!”

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