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SAD in May — Day Three

May 3, 2014

Prompt: write a 640 word story

mine is slightly longer at 651 words, and keeping with my Science Fiction theme


The Hellcat
By Lori Carlson

The plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean five miles off the coast of Hawaii at approximately 3:50 pm. Eyewitness fishermen say that it just appeared out of nowhere and plummeted to the Earth. After calling for help, they went within feet of the plane to look for survivors. The fishermen claimed that the plane was covered in ice. They also swear that the plane was a WW2 Hellcat. The Coast Guard arrived within minutes and declared the area off limits. The fishermen were questioned and then released. No further information is available at this time.

Dave put the newspaper down and took a sip of his coffee. The article fueled memories of his childhood when his father told him stories of air battles with the Japanese. He wished his dad was still around to talk about this. He walked to the sink and rinsed out his coffee mug and went on about his normal morning routine: 15 minutes of calisthenics, a vigorous cold shower, dressed in his uniform, and then out the door to work.

He loved the scenic drive to the base every day. The jungle hugged the road on one side and the ocean roared on the other. Oahu was a dreamer’s paradise and if he wasn’t careful, Dave could easily fall under its spell. At 5 am sharp, he arrived at Hickman AFB. After checking in at the gate, he drove around to the plane hangars. It wasn’t on his way, but he did it every day just to see if a Raptor was in for maintenance. They were his passion. And today was a lucky day. He parked and watched the plane for a good 10 minutes before pulling off to the lab.

The entire building that housed the lab was surrounded by black limousines and military personnel. Dave walked up to the front of the building and presented his credentials to the guard at the door. When he entered, he was immediately barraged by one of his co-workers.

“Did you hear the news, Dave?” Tom Barrington said with a wide smile on his already too-long face. He was excited about something because his left eye was twitching.

Dave tossed his brief case down at his desk and turned to Tom. “Hear what?”

“The plane that fell to Earth yesterday. It’s been all over the news.”

“Yeah, I read it in the paper this morning.”

Tom rubbed his hands together and his smile got even wider. “Well guess who gets to examine it?”

“You’re kidding me? It’s here?” Dave sat down on the edge of his desk, a far away dreamy look in his eyes.

“Yup! And as soon as all the Big Wigs are done with their photo-ops, we get our turn at it.”

Tom was about to walk away when Dave called him back. “Hey, was there a pilot in the plane?”

“Oh man, that’s the wackiest thing. The pilot had frostbite over most of his body. They aren’t expecting him to live, but what a story if he does!”

Dave turned on the television. They were already covering up the official story. Now it was an air show plane caught off course. Nothing to see here, much like all the UFOs Dave has seen in his twenty years at the air base. He turned off the television and made his way down to the hangar.

Tom was already there, standing about three feet from the Hellcat, in a state of awe. Dave joined him, clipboard in hand. “We could do this all day,” he finally said.

“Yeah, man. Isn’t she a babe?”

Dave nodded and began doing a spec check on the plane. He climbed up into the cockpit and sat down in front of the controls. “Hey, I wonder if this thing will start up?”

“Give it a try,” Tom yelled.

Dave cranked up the plane. Within seconds, he and the Hellcat vanished.

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