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April’s PAD — Day Fourteen

April 14, 2014

Prompt: make “If I Were (something)…” the title and write the poem


If I Were Happier, I’d Be Infectious

My mood is a track star
pounding the pavement
to the cheers and jeers of the crowd
I set my pace not by my clock
but by yours —
My esteem hangs in the locker room

But if I were happier
just think of how infectious I would be!

I would play it up for the crowd
hands held high as I run
circling the track with the flag
The crowd would frame their tickets
and tell their grandchildren about me
about the day I infected them all
with grace and a smile —
It would be my golden moment

But my life is not of track and field
it hasn’t even left the locker room
it hasn’t even made it to the locker room
It’s still holed-up back at home
hiding under the bed
a coward, shaken with fear

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